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Having a Employee Wellness program in place can boost morale, improve health and fitness and increase productivity in the workplace. By starting healthful consuming habits, exercise and offering incentives, your workers will not only sign up for the Employee Wellness program, but they will stick with it.

Does your company have a fun badminton facility that employees have access to? If not, offering free or discounted access to Badminton Vancouver may be an effective method for getting employees to exercise. Authorizing employees to use the facility during work hours, such as on their lunch break, will increase the likelihood that they’ll exercise.

Rewarding employees’ achievements is another way to keep them excited and living a healthful lifestyle. Establishing corporation objectives like collectively walking a certain number of miles, supports team building. Offering incentives like gift cards, certificates of achievement, and even a day off work could be effective ways to keep participation levels up.

Since there will likely be less sick days being used due to disease, your corporation could be able to afford to offer a day off pass as an incentive. These incentives do not have to be expensive, just valuable to the worker.

Providing a healthy lunch once a week for employees participating in the corporate health plan, is a great way to promote healthy consuming. Offering an incentive of healthy, scrumptious, free food is one way to reward employees for their efforts while supporting their new healthy lifestyle.

Having a Employee Wellness program in place will provide long term benefits to both the corporation and the workers. This is one corporate plan that is certainly worth your time and money!

Advantages of Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism, staff member turnover rates, and healthcare costs. It’s a key piece of a organization’s success. the results of these programs lead to higher productivity, which in the end leads to a more profitable company.

In order for these programs to run properly and produce results they must have a clear operating plan with an attainable and measurable goal. The programs must also encourage all staff members to lead a healthful lifestyle while at work and at home.

Employee Wellness programs have been introduced to businesses all over Canada to make workers healthier and in turn happier. Companies which implement these programs do so to varying degrees. Some simply offer literature about how to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress while at work. Some provide a weekly 2 hour session where employees can come play badminton and mingle.

Some corporations offer health screenings and health risk assessments for free during the year to help employees understand what’s going on with their health and what they are able to do to improve it.

At the top of the list, there are the companies which offer free, on-site health clubs and aerobics programs to be used at lunchtime breaks or after work. No matter what is offered it would be a waste not to take advantage of these Employee Wellness programs.

It requires cautious planning and thought to begin Employee Wellness programs. Once a program is put into place it is very important to reassess and analyze it several times in order to reach the primary goal – healthier workers.

All the programs that are put in place ought to be assessed after a determined time frame to help the business understand what needs to be changed or kept in place to maintain Employee Wellness.


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