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Private Lessons For $55/Hour!

Improve your badminton skills and strategy by taking private lessons with international caliber coaches Melody Liang and Thushan De Silva. Private lessons with outstanding coaches will benefit your badminton game because our coaches pinpoint areas that needs improvement and work one on one to build a strong foundation of essential badminton skills. Once you hone those essentials you are ready to work on strategy and skill shots. Badminton is not only a sport of power and endurance, it is a sport of strategy and mental ability. Our coaches have been through various high level situations where their experiences can be shared with you so you can apply them when the situation arises. We are confident that with private lessons at Badminton Vancouver, you will improve exponentially!

Melody Liang $55/Hour

Melody trained as a professional badminton player in China before moving to Canada in 2006. An accomplished player, Melody won several titles during her competitive career, including Canadian National doubles Champion in 2010 and Canadian International Open mixed doubles Champion in 2009. As well as being an international caliber player, Melody has over 10 years of coaching experience, working with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Thushan De Silva $55/Hour

Thushan is a former international caliber badminton player with more than 25 years experience in the game.

As a coach, Thushan has studied under several international level professional coaches and has more than fifteen years of coaching experience in both Asia and in North America.

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